Hard not to notice VOI scooters in many big, not so big but popular cities and towns around Europe. Unified design an colour makes them stand out and recognisable from the distance. It is still testing phase in many regions as local laws and highway regulations are not ready for this type of transport yet.

They seem to be popular and it looks like will stay with us for good. Once safety is not an issue and according to available reports apparently it is not, we may treat them as a part of our daily commute routine. Very popular with younger generation the idea slowly "spills" into minds of more mature road users where using a car is not always the best option. I would love to see more of those more prepared/designed for small convenience shopping. Perhaps it will be the nest step in design evolution.

However, I am bit sceptical whether we need this type of transport for our EVERY move from point A to point B. Still, good walk is a healthier option especially on very short distance, walk with friends or to simply where time is not important.

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