About us

Cutting Blue was founded four years ago by Piotr Parobczy as a consultancy working in the programming of complex high-value components for the F1 and motorsport industries.

The modern iteration of the business has developed to encompass manufacturing, using machine tools such as a large bed Doosan DNM6700 and a DMG MORI CMX600V machining centre, combined with CAM software hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND Technologies. From our location in central Birmingham we now serve a growing customer base in the electric vehicle (EV) and micro-mobility sectors, manufacturing drivetrain components, battery and electronic enclosures and more.


Looking to minimise your carbon footprint?

    One thing which hasn’t changed at all over that time is the pride Cutting Blue take in working on projects which prioritise low to zero carbon emissions.

    Although the work to deliver sustainable solutions is never really finished, we constantly refine our working practices to reduce the impact we might have on the planet.

    Energy efficient manufacturing processes and carefully selected machine tools combine with waste reduction and careful management to place Cutting Blue at the heart of a sustainable supply chain. We know that businesses and end-users now make conscious purchase decisions on the basis of the carbon footprint being created, and we take great care in choosing our clients to align with these aims.

    Our commitment to an eco-friendly approach extends beyond the practicalities of manufacture.

    We also support engineering student placements in an effort to drive the next generation of high-skilled, top class engineers, as well as sponsoring bodies like the Oxford Brookes Formula Student team as they build their first fully electric car.

    In simple terms, clients who work with Cutting Blue can be certain that every decision we take has been examined through the prism of the impact it will have on the environment. We haven’t reached eco-friendly perfection yet, but working with us means joining us on a journey toward a better future.

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